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6 Tips to Boost Energy Levels

Feeling tired and can’t seem to make it through the day? Let’s cut to the chase. Get enough sleep! Most people need between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to feel their best throughout the day. That sounds easy, doesn’t it? Most of us find that easier to say than do. There is some good news, however. Here are six tips to boost energy levels right now!

Get hydrated

Be honest. You likely do not drink enough water. Many of us walk around daily in a state of dehydration and don’t even know it. Being dehydrated can lead you to feeling tired and sluggish. Fortunately, almost any beverage can count towards your daily intake (except alcohol). Try to consume as much plain water as you can. Not a huge fan of water? Try mixing it up with juice or tea. Avoid sugary soda, though, as the high intake of sugar will lead to a crash a few hours later. 

Choose coffee

That quick jolt of liquid caffeine is a definite perk up. Drink 8 to 12 ounces of coffee when you are after a quick shot of energy. Be mindful of timing, however. Consuming coffee too late in the day can interfere with sleep. Coffee, not your thing? Try our RoastOne Coffee infused protein. A great tasting protein mix that provides the energy and focus you need to fuel your day!

Snack on carbs AND protein

Your body’s main source of energy comes from the calories you consume. If you are feeling sluggish, it’s a good indication you need to fuel up. DO NOT head to the vending machine at work or grab a sugary snack at home. Try a healthier combo of a carb and a protein—something like an apple and string cheese. Perhaps a cracker with nut butter. Of course, there’s always the option of a good ole’ protein bar. 

Do a few laps

Nothing gets the blood flowing and shakes off the cobwebs like a walk. Walking is an automatic source of energy that gets the circulation going and keeps your muscles active. Though walking outside in fresh air is considered the best, if you are in an office environment, you do not have to feel left out. Take a trip to the water cooler, log a lap or two around the department cubicles, or take a trip up and down a flight of stairs. Whatever you can do to get up and move a little, make sure you do it regularly throughout the day. 

Take a whiff of something refreshing

Whether at home or in the office, indoor air can get – stale. This does not play well with your ability to resist nodding off. Perk up fast by diffusing essential oils. Eucalyptus and citrus oils are perfect for refreshing a tired body and mind. 


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