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benefits of anabolic pump supplements

Benefits of Anabolic Pump Supplements

Before we look at the benefits of Anabolic Pump supplements, it’s important to know what Anabolic Pump is. Anabolic Pump is also known as a Selective Insulin Muscle Sensitizer (SIMS). SIMS is a substance that stimulates muscle cells to utilize glucose better. What does that mean in plain English? Simply put, it means SIMS help promote fat burning. It also means increased muscle growth. 

Another key component to learn about is GLUT4. GLUT4 is a protein responsible for the disposal of glucose in both muscle and fat cells. Insulin or Anabolic Pump activates GLUT4 and, in turn, harnesses the power of insulin. The most powerful anabolic hormone produced by the body by far is insulin. Professional bodybuilders will take insulin and eat large amounts of food to gain rapid strength and muscle size. Insulin forces muscles to grow fast. An unfortunate side effect is that insulin will also cause fat cells to grow at an increased rate. This is where Anabolic Pump steps in to save the day. Anabolic Pump activates GLUT4 without consuming crazy amounts of food and risking weight gain from fat. 

Before Anabolic Pump supplements were created, one would have to find ways to cut carbohydrates to avoid weight gain and significantly lose body fat. Because having to consume so much food to promote insulin to kick in and do it’s thing, weight gain was a great concern. This resulted in some unwanted side effects. Carbohydrates fuel your brain and muscles to perform more intensely in the gym. Cutting carbs meant less impactful workouts. It also meant you were moody, irritable, and lethargic. Not a good combination, but you put yourself through that routine because you love your workouts.

Not anymore. Anabolic Pump supplements have opened up a whole new door to intense workouts. You still want to watch what you eat, but the previous life of counting every single carb you took in is a thing of the past. Anabolic Pump supplements combined with a healthy diet are the best combination for impressive muscle gain achieved via the intense workouts you love. 

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