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Here at MI Nutrition Stores, we are supplement specialists. Our expert staff is knowledgeable about each and every product we stock in our online store. Our mission is to provide the supplements you need to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Not only do we focus on day-to-day living, but we also have products to help you with your athletic goals. 

We carry premier products that deliver premier results. Our commitment is to working with only manufacturers who utilize the most effective ingredients. We understand value, and we understand quality. That carries through to what we sell in our store. 

You are probably asking yourself, “What is it you offer?” We’re glad you asked! Here is an overview of what you will find at MI Nutrition. Our product offerings are broken down into five main categories. 


When it comes to working out, you always want to get a little edge. Whether in a competitive environment or reaching your personal goals, everyone wants to be a winner. Our range of supplements can help you attain those goals. We offer amino acids, creatine, N.O. & pump products, and pre-workout supplements. 


We carry a wide selection of protein powders to help keep your body growing and maintain a peak anabolic state. These range from a wide variety of ingredients from whey, coconut oil, oats, and pure vegan alternatives. All come in a variety of flavors like vanilla and gourmet chocolate to blueberry! We have protein powder for everyone. 

Vitamins & Health

From bolstering your immune system to detox, we have the vitamins and health products you need. We provide options that address all manner of body improvements. Digestive problems? We have you covered. Joint issues? We got it! Trouble sleeping? Got that too! Liver Guardian, JointOne, Ideal Greens, SleepOne, and Probiotic X are just a few of the many brands we carry. 

Weight Loss

Looking to melt the pounds away and achieve a new slimmer you? We have what you need in our selection of fat-burning agents formulated to give you all-day energy, fire up your metabolism, and crush your food cravings. 


Our energy products give you the boost you need to be focused mentally and physically the entire day. 


Every product at MI Nutrition is not only effective but better priced than any other supplements out there. Don’t forget, we also offer free shipping on all orders.

Visit our website at to find out more and begin your journey to a happy, healthier you!