Granite® Multi-Collagen Peptides (45 Servings)


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  • ➤ COLLAGEN TYPES I, II, III, V, X: Our advanced 10g formula contains all 5 essential collagen types.
  • ➤ SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: From grass-fed & pasture raised beef collagen to wild caught alaskan pollack.
  • ➤ 10g COLLAGEN. 9g PROTEIN: The perfect ratios in only 40 calories for anyone looking for a premium collagen source in their diet.
  • ➤ NO GLUTEN, SOY, DAIRY: Engineered for balance with a focus on delivering the essentials without fillers.
  • ➤ CLEAN TASTE, MIXES EASILY: Quality ingredients result in a product that is neutral, odorless, and soluble.

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