Pride Crispies Bar


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Unleash your inner child! Or better yet, provide your entire family with a healthier version of one of your favorite childhood treats. Pride Crispies are low-calorie, gluten-free crispies bars that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings. Crafted with premium ingredients, these crispies bars will fuel your body and performance any time of day.


Why Pride Crispies Bar?

• Take Anywhere Snack
• Adult-Tested, Kid-Approved
• Premium Ingredients
• Gluten-Free
• Non-GMO
• Vegan Friendly
• Low in Sugar
• Low in Sodium
• Good Source of Fiber

A Snack You Can Take PRIDE In

When it comes to health and fitness, the food and fuel you put in your body matters. The source of that food matters. The nutrients matter. The culmination of key factors that preserve and enhance life matter. Look at the food on the shelves today, and you’ll understand why we take PRIDE in producing the best food for our customers. You matter to us. And you should take PRIDE in the food you put in your body.

Pride Crispies isn’t the snack you saw in your lunchbox as a kid. Sure, it may have brought a smile to your face and the nostalgia of your childhood innocence, but now you have real responsibilities in your life and work to get done. When you were a kid, you dreamed about being a superhero. And to many, such as your spouse and kids, you are a superhero.

Just like your dreams as a child, that same sentiment is what led us to create the best crispies bar on the planet. Best of all, it’s made right here in the USA.

The Pride Crispies Bar takes you back to your childhood only with better nutrition, ultra-premium ingredients, and a taste that’ll send your tastebuds over the moon.

And we’re proud to say that the Pride Crispies Bar is not only good enough for you but your entire family — kids included!

Fuel Your Day. Fuel Your Life.

Pride Crispies are a mouth-watering treat that is small enough to travel with you no matter where the day leads you. Toss a Pride Crispies Bar in your bag, and you’re ready to head off to the office or gym with a delicious fuel source to help maximize your performance and satisfy your hunger.

Compare our Pride Crispies to “other” similar products on the market, and you’ll notice the sugar content is considerably lower, which is precisely what you should be looking for to improve your health and nutrition (as well as your kids’).

Your body demands quality ingredients to fuel it during long and stressful days, as well as grueling workouts. The Pride Crispies Bar is the ultimate fuel source and even contains more fiber than the competition.

Got a rambunctious kid in the backseat? Hand over a Pride Crispies Bar, and all you’ll hear is munching and crunching.

No matter where the day takes you, live your life with PRIDE and allow Pride Crispies to fuel you along the way.

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