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Load image into Gallery viewer, Burn Away by Like a Pro $57.99 from MI Nutrition
Load image into Gallery viewer, Burn Away by Like a Pro $57.99 from MI Nutrition
Load image into Gallery viewer, Burn Away by Like a Pro $57.99 from MI Nutrition
Load image into Gallery viewer, Burn Away by Like a Pro $57.99 from MI Nutrition
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Burn Away

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Decreasing fat mass
& enabling direct muscle growth

  • Support muscle protein synthesis.
  • Disabling skeletal muscle atrophy
  • Reduce muscle protein usage
  • Promote adipose utilization
  • Support bloodflow


Improve Muscular Endurance
& Muscular Power Output

  • Improved insulin sensitivity
  • Increase mitochondrial cristae, angiogenesis
  • Relaxes blood vessels & smooth muscle
  • Diuretic effect helps rid the body of excessive fluid

ProGBB    is a patented compound from SYNMR BIOTECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) LIMITED called GBB-EEC ( Gamma-butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride),which is a breakthrough discovery made by scientists to increase L-carnitine supply in pre-workout supplements. When you consume GBB-EEC enriched supplements it is said to increase your workout capacity, decrease your fat accumulations and make your cardiovascular health better. L-carnitine is produced by our body naturally and ProGBB    (Gamma - Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester Chloride )is a lab synthesized compound to enhance body's natural tendency to produce L-carnitine.


PARADOXCINE™️- To understand how Paradoxine works in the body requires a discussion of the different types of adipose tissue (a.k.a. fat) in your body. There are two types of fat in the body:

  • Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)
  • White Adipose Tissue (WAT)


Your body’s energy storage cells. Whatever extra calories aren’t immediately needed by the body are stored as “white” fat and are used when food intake is reduced.  White fat cells are large, round cells comprised of one big lipid droplet with a thin rim containing the nucleus and cytoplasm.


On the other hand, is the fat used for diet and cold-induced thermogenesis, maintaining your body’s normal temperature when exposed to cold. <1> The technical term for this is “non-shivering thermogenesis.” Brown fat cells aren’t only different in function than white fat cells, they’re structure is also different. Brown fat cells are comprised of smaller diameter cells, containing several smaller fat droplets compared to the one massive droplet that’s found in white fat. The magicof Paradoxine® lies in its ability to brown your fat. That is, it transforms your white fat cells into brown fat cells, increasing energy expenditure and boosting weight loss. An added benefit to brown fat is that it can use blood sugar (glucose) and fats, leading to improved lipid levels and glucose metabolism, independent of weight loss


CAPSIMAX®️Capsimax is a concentrated extract of the naturally occurring compounds in red chili peppers. Formally called capsaicinoids, these are responsible for the sensation of heat when you eat something spicy that is seasoned with chili pepper. Capsimax captures these compounds for their unique ability to generate heat in the body, which serves many functions related to metabolism and is helpful for people looking to manage their weight.


  1. Enhancing your metabolic rate – improving the way your body burns calories
  2. Mobilizing your own fat stores for energy – especially while exercising 
  3. Enhancing resting energy expenditure – continuing to burn calories, even at rest
  4. Helping to reduce body fat – promoting a healthy body composition

Cocoabuterol® is a new dietary weight loss supplement to activate thermogenic fat burning within the body and boost your energy and mood.

Cocoabuterol® is the Natural Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) extract concentrating the most bioactive compounds using the latest technologies

The major active ingredients of Cocoabuterol® are natural polyphenols and alkaloids. All of these naturally occurring phytochemicals have incredible benefits throughout the body


InnoSlim®decreases glucose absorption in the intestine by reducing an important glucose transporter called SGLT1. Then increasing glucose absorption in muscles and fat cells through increased glucose transport protein GLUT4. These associated effects reduce circulating blood glucose and fat build-up in your body, which means a generally healthier state of being.*

KSM-66™️Ashwagandha has been clinically proven to:Help reduce stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings. Help promote enhanced memory and cognitive function. Help promote endurance, strength, muscle size and muscle recovery rate.

DynamineandTheacrineare compounds isolated from the kucha tea leaf. These two caffeine alternatives were developed to provide performance and mental energy benefits similar to caffeine, but without the side effects.

Dynamine provides a bigger spike in energy that lasts a shorter time compared to Theacrine. This makes Dynamine a better choice for those who work out in the afternoon or a little later. The energy Dynamine provides dissipates faster, preventing any form of sleep disruption or disturbance.

Theacrine provides a milder yet more sustainable and long-lasting energy boost compared to Dynamine. This makes Theacrine a great caffeine alternative for those who work out in the morning or want a perk-me-up, but doesn’t want to drink coffee or take caffeine pills. 

You can also use both caffeine alternatives in conjunction with caffeine. Studies suggest using Dynamine or Theacrine together with caffeine provides a good boost of energy, mood, and mental clarity