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Load image into Gallery viewer, RESTART 7 DAY by Sweat Ethic $49.99 from MI Nutrition
Load image into Gallery viewer, RESTART 7 DAY by Sweat Ethic $49.99 from MI Nutrition
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RESTART is a gentle 7-day whole body supplement that utilizes herbal extracts to help support natural body function. Our bodies undergo constant stress and sometimes you need to press the RESTART button. RESTART 7 DAY will help eliminate toxin buildup in the body and get your digestion and adreno glands back in check.


• Cascara Sagrada Bark: A herbal extract that works as a light laxative to help our body process some of the backed-up food that may be in our intestines.

• Burdock Root: A powerful antioxidant herb that helps improve liver function as well as reduce any bloating that may be occurring around the liver.

• Dandelion Root: Known widely for its ability to help reduce water retention but also possesses great benefits to calm the stomach by supporting healthy gut flora.

• Ginger Root: One of the most widely used herbs that has been shown to help your body mitigate cortisol build up while modulating adrenal function. This will help reduce your caffeine tolerance back to normal levels.



Take three (3) capsules in the morning and three (3) midday. During the 7-day period we highly encourage you to eliminate fast food, caffeine, and alcohol consumption. Consume at minimum 100oz of water per day during cleanse and get 8 hours of sleep.